Content-Driven Marketing: Differentiating Your Brand

  In 1968 Andy Warhol famously claimed that, “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” Although it took a few decades for his prediction to manifest itself, the pop artist most certainly hit the nail on the head with his prophecy. Today social media allows almost anyone the ability to build Read more about Content-Driven Marketing: Differentiating Your Brand[…]

How Google Is Changing Our Brains

A few weeks ago I explored the negative implications of social media addiction on mental health, today I wanted to discuss some of the other implications of technology on the human brain. While there is no doubt that we are being heavily impacted by the technology that surrounds us, experts continue to debate the consequences. Read more about How Google Is Changing Our Brains[…]

Artificial Intelligence: What it Means for Careers of the Future

  Throughout the course of history, humanity has seen a gradual evolution of technology. Technology represents a new implementation of tools or machinery which helps the user to achieve a goal, or complete a task, with ease. As the years of human existence have progressed, so has the technology we use; and with new technology Read more about Artificial Intelligence: What it Means for Careers of the Future[…]

The Impact of Social Media Addiction on Mental Health

  In the 21st century everyday internet use has become commonplace among Americans. Everyone has access to the internet; if not in their home, at the local library, at school, or at work. Internet access has grown so rapidly that it is becoming increasingly difficult to function without it; many people having access right in Read more about The Impact of Social Media Addiction on Mental Health[…]

Understanding Bitcoin in Under Five Minutes

Bitcoin is a unit of cryptocurrency. Simply put: digital money, independent of government created/controlled currency, and immune to inflation. It is a highly secure, stored by users in encrypted online bank accounts; and globally universal. While bitcoin is the first widely adopted variety, is not the only form of cryptocurrency. There are three ways to Read more about Understanding Bitcoin in Under Five Minutes[…]

Exploring Open Access

Over the past two decades, open access publishing has become an integral and controversial factor in advancing the interests of scholars, researchers, and, in many cases, information professionals. Open access is a publishing model offering free and immediate access to online scholarly research articles, with no copyright or licensing limitations. The growth of open access Read more about Exploring Open Access[…]

The Evolution of the Information Profession

  In 1957 Katharine Hepburn starred opposite Spencer Tracy, in the Twentieth Century Fox film Desk Set. Desk Set is about reference librarians who work for the research department of a broadcasting network. When the network plans the acquisition of another company, a computer is brought in to assist the librarians with the additional work. Read more about The Evolution of the Information Profession[…]

The Freedom of Information Act: What can it do for you?

The present state of affairs in the United States has many Americans in a constant state of uncertainty. As we discussed in my previous blog post, we are inundated with information; morning, noon, and night. The question of what information is real and what news if fake is everpresent. Often times individuals are left with Read more about The Freedom of Information Act: What can it do for you?[…]